Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Rubber

A new option is available in the Etsy shop if you have a design you have been wanting and it is for stamps of just rubber! There is a new wave of folks turning to the rubber only form of stamps for the sake of storage and economizing. So, I thought I would offer some and see how folks like them. I, personally, still love my clings, I feel I have more control with them but we all have our favorite way of using our supplies.
I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer, sunny weather! We are seeing the ducks in the backyard acting very joyful. Chickadees tried to make a nest in our grill and we had to safely place it elsewhere. Our favorite backyard friend we watch, Chunk, has risen from hibernation and showed himself Saturday! He is a groundhog who is SO big and SO cute. So spring is here, thank goodness. I want to wish everyone a great spring!