Sunday, February 13, 2011

Neil Armstrong Homecoming Parade

Later, Dad became the Chief Photographer for the Paper! I was always SOOO proud of him! He was humble and quiet about his work, though he won many awards.
I always loved his photos, though, as I have been told I was not very cooperative with being the one photographed around the house. This photo is from a series I have from the Homecoming Parade of Neil Armstrong in Wapakonata, Ohio. It is an awesome photo... this photo also was published in Time/Life Magazine. I never knew this until I was in my late 30's
that is how quiet Dad was about his career!

Very Young Dad

This is a picture of my young Dad, working for The Piqua Daily Call in late high school! He pretty much knew he wanted a career in the newspaper business I guess! Here he is handling the mats for advertising layouts, the first job he had at the Call.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learn about First Day Covers!

Before Mom became my stamp designer, she hand drew and hand watercolored hundreds, maybe thousands of cachets. A cachet is an image drawn or stamped or silk screened etc. on an envelope that has been cancelled on the first day of issue of the stamp design. The illustration ties within the theme of the stamp. Many people enjoy collecting and exchanging FDC's. You can learn more about FDC's at the American First Day Cover Society website!

Turtle Time

I LOVE this guy! This turtle is from my father's photographic collection.
He was a photojournalist and everyday the small town newspaper had a "Picture of the Day" This great looking guy made it in the paper and you can see why! He is so cute!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Memory

Many of you may follow my blog and my mother's, as well, and may have noticed a long absence. I have finally composed myself enough to return to my blog and update any followers of the blogs or October Pumpkin Stamps.
I will likely tell my story in pieces, as it is too sad to sit down and tell it all at once. For today I will say... I have lost two of the most wonderful people in my life!
The young photographer, photographed is my father near the age of 21.
The young lady is my mother near the age of 21.
The final picture is of our young family, around 1969.
I LOVE these pictures! All taken by my father who was a professional photographer. I have so many more that I love ,but I found these fitting for today!
This entry is in memory of my father, who unexpectedly died November 15, 2010
and in memory of my mother who died December 11, 2010.
The story is very sad and I will soon be writing about it hoping others may find strength in my story for themselves.
Mom and Dad, I LOVE you and I know you are at peace!!!