Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brant Point Lighthouse Rubber Stamp

This morning I have listed Brant Point Lighthouse in the Etsy shop. This is the second lighthouse to be mounted on wood and more are to arrive. Hopefully, I will get another done this weekend. Today will be busy with groceries and errands, but maybe tomorrow! I like to have my favorites in wood mount to display in my art room, maybe this could be a favorite for you too. I love the idea that the lighthouses are great for projects and cards for men and women, you can get alot of use from one stamp. This card was made by me, but my mom has watercolored the image for me...such a huge help! I love the watercolored image! You can do this too! I know she uses top of the line watercolors, but I found some great watercolors for those of us that are beginners at Michaels. If you use your coupon, you can get a set for a great price. I use the tubes by a company named Reeves and bought a set of 18 for such a reasonable price. They last forever too.
Have a great day and maybe try a watercolored stamped image today for your cards!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wood Mounted Stamps are available!

Finally, I have a few wood mounted stamps assembled and up for sale at Etsy. If you love the wood mounted blocks, these are for you! I like to display my favorites in my art room!

This card is Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse in Maryland. My mother watercolored the stamped piece for me while she was in Florida by the ocean. I just had to decide what colors to use with it, that was fun! I think the colors remind me of boat flags and a sporty theme. It surprised me because I began thinking I would use ocean colors and as sometimes happens I change my mind as I get my papers and supplies out. I hope you enjoy the card and snatch up a stamp for yourself! Have a great day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dreams of warm weather and sand!

October Pumpkin Stamps designer is on her way back from where it was supposed to be warm and sunny! I hear it was so cold and blustery and really not weather to go to the beach! I guess this winter we can only dream of the sunny days and warm, soft sand and the joy of making a sandcastle! This light and airy card is stamped with our sandcastle stamp you can get at
I like this stamp size. It can be used not only for cards, but stamps nicely on a scrapbook page with your vacation pictures at the beach! Enjoy!

Such a long time since...

Uh oh... it has been since October since I have posted, oh dear! I began physical therapy in October hoping to correct some damage to my back and muscles from years and years as an RN and it seems that it has taken tons of time, not only the therapy but the recovery after the session. Then adding frequent visits to the YMCA for more strengthening has really made this an all out project! After four monthes, I am STILL going faithfully to physical therapy and wondering if I am going to win an award for " The patient with the most treatments!" Lying on the treatment table today, I thought "Hmmm...oh yeah , I have a blog I think, I better take a look at that!"
So here I am and I have some cute cards to post ! This card is our beach girl from the Beach Kids Set at www.octoberpumpkin.etsy .com She is so sweet! She could be looking at a shell she just found or looking out to the sea. I love how her hair blows in the wind!