Thursday, February 4, 2010

Such a long time since...

Uh oh... it has been since October since I have posted, oh dear! I began physical therapy in October hoping to correct some damage to my back and muscles from years and years as an RN and it seems that it has taken tons of time, not only the therapy but the recovery after the session. Then adding frequent visits to the YMCA for more strengthening has really made this an all out project! After four monthes, I am STILL going faithfully to physical therapy and wondering if I am going to win an award for " The patient with the most treatments!" Lying on the treatment table today, I thought "Hmmm...oh yeah , I have a blog I think, I better take a look at that!"
So here I am and I have some cute cards to post ! This card is our beach girl from the Beach Kids Set at www.octoberpumpkin.etsy .com She is so sweet! She could be looking at a shell she just found or looking out to the sea. I love how her hair blows in the wind!

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