Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hi! I am posting a cute, but simple card I have made for a card swap I joined with Split Coast Stampers. I am trying out "inchies" this week. They look so fun! This card uses a tiny stamp from the Ghost Walk set at If you would like to buy our stamps , type in october pumpkin as the seller.

Other good news is lighthouses are coming! Please go to and you can see the lighthouses in their pen and ink form. They should be available in August!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here is my beautiful pumpkin blossom! Now, all we need are the bees and pollination and we will have pumpkins! The photo is lovely, but the sun was not out as promised by the weather forecast, so I do not have the illumination I really wanted in the photo. Maybe another day!

Pumpkin Blossom 2009

Hopefully, today I will get to my garden again and snap a photo of my first pumpkin blossoms for 2009! What joy! In keeping with the pumpkin theme, I have had a few requests via the Etsy store for Halloween and Autumn stamps. I have listed a couple darling and very versatile designs in the past two days. Take a peek! Ghosties will go up later today if you would like to check back. Above is a picture of one listing... it is not a project but it may inspire you to get your kraft paper out and get busy! I joined Split Coast Stampers last week and signed up for three card swaps, so I am sure those projects will soon be posted here for everyone to see. Please venture on over to the designer for october pumpkin has so many very cute cards and tags posted there! Have a great day!