Saturday, August 13, 2011

Halloween Is in the Air!

I LOVE using this technique , which I hope to soon photograph and post! Each tag is different and it is fun to watch the color blend and create a "batik" appearance. This tag will be for sale in the Etsy shop as a set of six this weekend. This set was part of my second shop october pumpkin too which had only papercrafts. I will be transitioning those items to the main shop as I pare down the rubber stamp inventory. I really enjoy papercrafting and hope everyone can find some inspiration from my projects! Happy Halloween ...a little early!!! The weather here in Ohio has really changed and I now feel the fall spirit!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just Something on Mom's Desk

I discovered this painted picture on Mom's art desk as we were sorting through the Estate in the spring. I packed many art items away for "another day" as I needed time to pass before I placed items in permanent "homes". Today, it is the day before Dad's birthday ( he also passed away very close to the time Mom died) and I was looking for another item when I came across this very cheerful and bright watercolor Mom had made as a blog sample sometime last summer. I LOVED the colors and thought how it would have been a great birthday card for Dad! Mom always made Dad's cards and this would have been fitting! Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Something else I created with Authentique Papers

I had a stroke of luck after I made the Baby Shower Invitations and the other

Authentique Paper selections I had chosen at Archiver's coordinated perfectly with the poster board I had wanted to make celebrating the pregnancy! I have enough scraps to start a mini album too! I will have to focus and get that done! The banners

are of Authentique Papers as are the picture corners. I used a rosette from Making Memories and added the baby duck watercolor of my mother's art. I used alot of watercolor textured cardstock by The Paper Company for lettering and the duck as it really adds texture and picks up the dye colors wonderfully! This was fun to make and my son LOVED it! It resides on his dresser. Our grandson, Vincent, was born days after the shower and is just beautiful!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Shower Invitation

This is the Baby Shower invitation I made from a piece of my mother's art. It turned out very sweet and different from the typical baby blue shower invites! I used a new patterned paper I found at Archiver's called Authentique Paper and it matched perfectly!

I plan to use it for a shower banner also. I recommend this is a heavy texture like watercolor paper and in unique colors! It worked out great for my needs and I hope to use it again! This special invitation is in honor of our first "soon to be born" grandchild!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It is Dandelion Season!

Picture of the day! That is what my dad's newspaper used to title fun,

whimsical pictures from around the town! I love this one. It is actually of my brother

but did make the paper. Why don't you challenge yourself to a "Picture of the Day"

for a can really be fun!

Friday, March 4, 2011

October Pumpkin Etsy Shop News

October Pumpkin Rubber Stamp news... as many of you that are fans have read in the previous posts and now in the Etsy Shop announcement...Judith Fogt was my stamp designer. I created many of the cards and did the photography and sales, but I did not draw the initial designs. Therefore, since Mother's unexpected passing, I am restructuring October Pumpkin and I am kind of not sure where I am going to go with it. In the meantime, I have remaining packaged stock, I will post for sale. What is not packaged you will see listed in a listing that states this. It will come to you in a clear cello bag or box with kraft krinkle. It will not have a printed, laminated card, but will have some sort of tag/ card enclosed. Again, the listing will tell you if the packaging is not what I was previously used. There will be a deduction in price, since some of the labor and packaging product will be eliminated for these products. I will also be combining various pieces from other sets. You are also likely to see paper products, such as tags on the site or cards made from prints of some of Mother's artwork. I have used small prints for a couple years on cards that are simple and tasteful. I also have my own style of tags I sold in an Etsy shop seperately, but will likely include them in this shop. So...all in all the appearance of the shop will be different...not all rubber stamps, but paper art related for sure! Hope you can stop by in the next few weeks and find something for yourself! A percentage of all sales will be
equally donated between The American Lung Association and Polycystic Kidney Foundation as well as donations to charity favorites of each of my parents. Thank you and please leave a comment if you have a question or see something you would like that isn't posted in the Etsy shop.

Early Days

I LOVE this picture of mom in her early days of art! Her art really transformed as I grew up and she finally decided to work mostly in watercolor. The early works here are in oil I believe. What is interesting is the portrait of the girl. The painting media was mixed with coffee grounds. Somehow that stood out to me as a young girl and the painting hung above our fireplace. I kept thinking, "What is that texture?" By then, I was about five and the portrait had hung there awhile. Many people that visited our home asked if it was a self portrait. Mom always said "No." but as you can see in this photo it does resemble her in her young twenties. Mother began her art studies at The Dayton Art Institute in Ohio.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Neil Armstrong Homecoming Parade

Later, Dad became the Chief Photographer for the Paper! I was always SOOO proud of him! He was humble and quiet about his work, though he won many awards.
I always loved his photos, though, as I have been told I was not very cooperative with being the one photographed around the house. This photo is from a series I have from the Homecoming Parade of Neil Armstrong in Wapakonata, Ohio. It is an awesome photo... this photo also was published in Time/Life Magazine. I never knew this until I was in my late 30's
that is how quiet Dad was about his career!

Very Young Dad

This is a picture of my young Dad, working for The Piqua Daily Call in late high school! He pretty much knew he wanted a career in the newspaper business I guess! Here he is handling the mats for advertising layouts, the first job he had at the Call.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learn about First Day Covers!

Before Mom became my stamp designer, she hand drew and hand watercolored hundreds, maybe thousands of cachets. A cachet is an image drawn or stamped or silk screened etc. on an envelope that has been cancelled on the first day of issue of the stamp design. The illustration ties within the theme of the stamp. Many people enjoy collecting and exchanging FDC's. You can learn more about FDC's at the American First Day Cover Society website!

Turtle Time

I LOVE this guy! This turtle is from my father's photographic collection.
He was a photojournalist and everyday the small town newspaper had a "Picture of the Day" This great looking guy made it in the paper and you can see why! He is so cute!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Memory

Many of you may follow my blog and my mother's, as well, and may have noticed a long absence. I have finally composed myself enough to return to my blog and update any followers of the blogs or October Pumpkin Stamps.
I will likely tell my story in pieces, as it is too sad to sit down and tell it all at once. For today I will say... I have lost two of the most wonderful people in my life!
The young photographer, photographed is my father near the age of 21.
The young lady is my mother near the age of 21.
The final picture is of our young family, around 1969.
I LOVE these pictures! All taken by my father who was a professional photographer. I have so many more that I love ,but I found these fitting for today!
This entry is in memory of my father, who unexpectedly died November 15, 2010
and in memory of my mother who died December 11, 2010.
The story is very sad and I will soon be writing about it hoping others may find strength in my story for themselves.
Mom and Dad, I LOVE you and I know you are at peace!!!