Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here is my beautiful pumpkin blossom! Now, all we need are the bees and pollination and we will have pumpkins! The photo is lovely, but the sun was not out as promised by the weather forecast, so I do not have the illumination I really wanted in the photo. Maybe another day!


  1. So how many more pumpkin blossoms do you have now?
    I have 4 in my garden today and I hope to have a lot more. I tilled my garden bigger just for more pumpkins!! Ummm I'm hungry for pumpkin pie now!!
    The weather today (Wed, July 1st) is just like a fall day. Warm pumpkin pie would taste great!!!

  2. Ooops, I missed your comment! Sorry! I have, it seems, a hundred blooms and tons of bees! I was worried I would not have any bees. I now have five squash/gourd/pumpkins of a good size! I am excited! The funny story is my husband has a cow when I try to grow pumpkins because they get I just threw a mixture of my porch display in our mulch in the back last year and he did not notice. I knew they may bloom in the spring and they did! So it will be a surprise to see what I end up with! He was very good about finding them, he thought it was funny, other than the vines grew into the grass where he has to cut. He said he would make me a "pumpkin garden" next year and wants to grow one of those giant pumpkins! I hope your pumpkins are doing great!