Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trick or Treat!!!

This card was fun to make with the Ghost Walk Set from october pumpkin! I believe I may have accidently used an idea from my mother in the design...hope she doesn't get upset! LOL... I am sure it will be okay. Anyway, there are actually three ghosts on this stamp ( and you can see the stamp at the Etsy listing on the right of this page) and I cut one off to make my card. It was fun to make but I should have been making dinner instead ...uh oh!

By the way, HELLO to all the new followers and welcome! I hope you see things you enjoy and you try to make some projects! If you have an october pumpkin stamp project you have made, you can email it to and I would love to share it with everyone here!

Anyone that is new, please hop on over to to see october pumpkin's designer's blog ( it is my mom!)

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  1. Yippee it's almost fall! Today is the last day of summer and then it's really pumpkin time!!! I'm dreaming of pumpkins!