Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sometimes Crabby!

That's me right now! My blogspot is acting peculiar tonight! I am trying to post an ATC I made from a vintage photo and the pics post sideways! Now, the font keeps changing over from my normal font...SOOOO hang with me, maybe all will be better tomorrow! In the meantime, this ATC seemed appropriate for the occasion! Of course, the crab is from the stamps in the Etsy shop! Check out our NEW lobster too! My mother, the stamp designer, has a new blog at for more card ideas!


  1. thank you for your msge on scs.. love these images.. omg.... where can i find some of the sentiments too?? Love the images, but would love to see sentiments offered... where is this one from?

  2. Thanks for your message! Right now I don't have any sentiments in stamp form so I use what I have from other companies OR in this case I used a font from a scrapbooking disk and somewhere along the line I saw "Sometimes crabby, always cute" on a card in it stuck in my head! I have tons of toddler pics I need to scrapbook and it would be very appropriate for some of those pics!

  3. I just came from a looksee in the etsy shop and cannot believe how wonderful the lobster card is! FANTASTIC colors, pure summertime, and loads of lobster pizzaz!It might be my fave all-time fun card!
    The "other october pumpkin" (Mom)

  4. You are funny! I just LOVE this Lobster guy! He is SOOOOOO cute!!! Thanks for designing him!
    Love, Stephanie