Friday, July 30, 2010

Priceless Moment

We had the best experience while vacationing on Lake Erie a few weeks ago! I LOVE herons and here in southern Ohio we have a rare few. We have a heron that lives or feeds in our creek and we often see her fly from the creek in such great elegance but cannot get too close to her. While on Put in Bay Island, we took our golf cart out to the Ohio Division of Wildlife Fisheries and on the pier was this MAGNIFICENT heron! At first we were about 100 feet from her, then we noticed she was accepting fish from others, so we crept closer. Finally, we were about eight feet from her!!! I snapped this shot with my new Nikon and look at what I got!!! I LOVE this pic and I LOVED her!!! So sweet!


  1. what a most fabulous shot.. wow!!!! That is simply beautiful!

  2. I tried to leave a comment when you first posted the heron but it wouldn't "take". Now I have gone thru a long google process to get my ID "verified" with them, so let's see what happens!
    My comment is, it's a beautiful heron and looks like it's related to the one we have on our beach at Seaside! Don't you love their footprints in the sand?