Monday, August 16, 2010


I had a GREAT, unexpected experience Saturday! I was at the Stamp Away USA Show, shopping and checking out the rubber stamp industry( I am always researching) when I was in a nice booth, Small Studio Productions, looking at Vintage Cabinet cards. At some point I look up and the owner is chatting with a fellow and I think to myself, "Is that Tim Holtz?" . The owner confirmed this when I asked! I thought, " WOW, I didn't know he was doing this show!" So I scoot on down to Stamper's Anonymous and sure enough a demonstration with Tim Holtz is going on. I get a spot with a great view and learn tons of new stuff to try. Tim is so kind , he is signing copies of A Compendium of Curiosities, as he works, for ladies who had purchased a book. Of course , I HAVE to get mine...I love book signings! Mine gets placed in the signing pile that is growing, but I don't know where. The demonstration is so interesting I just hang out and wait... who cares, right? How often do you get a live chance to see Tim Holtz work? Near the closing of the convention, he gets the stack and starts signing. The pile gets to the last book and I am nervous because my book hasn't appeared. He flips open the book and says, "What's this?" and he is turning a white page. He says to a gentleman he works with, " This isn't suppose to have an extra page, the other books don't. Hmmm, we are going to have to do something with this". At this point I am thinking, "What on earth?" . He signs my book and then starts to put a design in the book below the signing!!! Oh my gosh, I felt like I won the lottery! How fun! I took tons of pictures to capture the moment and I just want to say, that made my DAY! Thanks tons, Tim Holtz! Now, I can't open my book to read it though, because I am afraid I will ruin my signing and artwork, LOL!

Ladies and gents , if you ever have a chance to watch a Tim Holtz demo in person, please do! He was so kind and patient with everyone and took plenty of time to show many techniques, it was very fascinating! Thanks Tim Holtz for a great demo!

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  1. Thats so cool - and you are right he is a great teacher!