Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BOO! Working from storage!

Today, I do not know what got into me! I had an urge to dig out my old foamies and play with them! I LOVE their boldness and the way they take to kraft paper! I have so many foamies and many untouched so I challenged myself to unpack a bunch and bring them upstairs to the "studio"(really the kitchen table LOL). Here are a couple tag projects I made and a clay embellishment. I was cleaning in my actual art room and saw the clay in a drawer at nearly 1 am so I got it out and made some easy simple things to use on upcoming Halloween cards and tags. Can I say how easy was that and inexpensive too? So maybe tonight you can feel inspired to drag out some of your older supplies and make something new and fresh! Have fun!

Oh yes, the tiny pumpkins on the BOO tag are of course from october pumpkin! If you want some check out the Ghost Walk set!

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